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Sensational Bullfight in Albufeira...
Every week starting in May takes place in Albufeira Bullfight ...
(this Bullfight will not operate from 20th  july until 31st august, beeing replaced by the 6 bull run during this period)

These shows of great tradition are an integral part of our culture, and undoubtedly one of the most artistic and exciting of our country Races will intervene with Portuguese knights mounted on their beautiful horses mostly purebred Lusitanian taught at the highest artistic standards to face the bulland read it so lubridia it invested in its running technically the most diverse sorts so as not to leave the bull ring on the horse and thus unable to meet the aplause of the audience. The bulls once handled by the riders are taken up by the prongs, a group of 8 men who perform two types of handle grip of Faces and Withers, rules Taurus uniquein the world. The group faces are performed by a single prong that tho body clean face that grabs the bull by the horns or the barb, with the help of the over seven elements, one of them going to grab the tail of the animal staying there until it is stopped.

Please NOTE that the Bull is NOT KILLED

From 29th july until end august the Bullfights are with 6 bulls (Special runs)

September Bullfights 18th and 25th 
October Bullfights confirmed 2nd, 9th, 16th october starting at 18h00 (3 Bull run)

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