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BUGGY Exclusive SAFARI (half day) (ABT)

We are the only credible and the best service in the Algarve buggy 's company" is the phrase that our numerous customers already repeaters , come to say since 2006 . ... The rest is Bla bla ... bla ... (one BIG thank you to them ) see our competition and compare results . Of course if you want speed and risking your life, do not book with BuggySafari , and look who will.
To escape from the stress accumulated in your day-to - day , invite your family to our team of professionals who have prepared several courses designed especially for you to have a thousand and one sensory experiences driving a buggy , will join discover conditions natural exception where the climate is mild , the abundant sun and mild rains , make the Algarve species of animals and plants , many of them indigenous , giving it colors sounds and aromas worthy of contemplation arise , will simply be an unforgettable experience .
Flowery paths in the Algarve , especially in calcareous soils and rocky Barrocal , wild orchids bloom flowers of vibrant colors , ancient trees , sugarcane , finally ... an entire flora, natural, wild, where many species of birds find refuge and make their nests .
Throughout the year , but especially during migration season , focuses on the Algarve landscapes , countless species , some rare , some endangered , that can be observed by lovers of Nature . In October , when thousands of birds of prey flock to warmer lands , Eagles Sidewalks , toed Eagles , Hawks , falcons, griffon vultures and even Egypt, cross the heavens , a surprising air show.
Our business is increasingly sought after because many natural plants showed the Algarve with culinary or medicinal interest and because the observation of the animals particularly birds become easier buggy .
The Algarve is thus a strategic point for lovers of wildlife , the BuggySafari is undoubtedly a must to discover an enviable natural heritage instrument.
Let yourself go and embark on this adventure, we are open all year round and 7 X 7 days a week, Check our Hours and Contact.
We have the best price is the most competitive in the market. Have invites you to compare our prices with other companies buggies. 
Example: The value for a safari with a minimum duration of 2:30h, the value is 120€ per 2-seater buggy.
Meet the other side of the Algarve the "Barrocal" and saw the "Caldeirão".

General Informations

CHILDREN AGE on Jeep Safari tour

On Jeep safari tours, the children age is between 3 and 10 years old and pay adult price. The Infants age, up to 2 years old, pay 50% discount of adult price, and are entitled to a seat on the Jeep. On Jeep Safari tours, booster seats or baby carrycots are mandatory and are provided by the Jeep company on request.