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Operating all year round, weather permitting...
This tour is the most popular and sought by our clients, have a minimum of 2 hours and can go up to 3 hours, depending on atmospheric conditions, the level of performance and conduct of drivers, the dwell time for rest and explanations about nature and local culture. We also count on some unexpected that nature may reserve. It will always be a nature walk and never a sporting event, we do not allow sporty driving since we drive the buggy's for public roads, on these paths we can cross people walking, in bike, children, tractors, jeeps and more. We also have to take into consideration that 95% of customers have never conducted a buggy or even dirt paths or rocks.
For these reasons our routes are modular and adaptable to the driving level of each group of customers, so that they feel like they can trust and enjoy our safaris.
For these reasons we allow the participation of children in our tours, so we constantly monitor the level of the driving the buggy's.
Each time we have children, our vigilance is reinforced by a 2nd guide.
Buggy price for 2 adults: 120,00€
Max weight: 250kg
Deposit of 50€ per Buggy
Driver has to bring a driving license, as we will drive on the public road

General Informations

Buggy terms and conditions

The participants driving the Kart Cross must have a valid driver’s license B1 and minimum age 16 years. The participants mustn't drink alcoholic beverages before or during the event. Participants will be responsible for any damage or accident caused by reckless behavior. Dress for the outdoors, i.e. warmly if it's cold, with stout boots and a waterproof jacket. Wear old clothes as you will get muddy (especially your shoes). Bring a change of clothes for the journey home. All participants are required to sign a disclaimer before taking part.

On Jeep or Buggy tours we recommend...

Casual clothes and comfortable shoes suitable for a safari trip, A waterproof coat, especially during autumn and winter, A bathing suit and a towel, especially during spring and summer, A rucksack or backpack to carry a small snack, sunglasses, hat, camera, and a good sun cream, Plenty of water to drink to avoid dehydration.