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|OFF| BIRDWATCHING in Ria Formosa - TAVIRA - 2 hrs

BIRDWATCHING in Ria Formosa - Tavira - 2 hrs
Come know the diversity of the permanent and migratory birds of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa. The skipper is a biologist and he will be your guide.
Some of the most interesting species that we often observe in Ria Formosa are the black-necked grebe (podiceps nigricollis), the spoonbill (platalea leucorodia), oystercatcher (haematopus ostralegus), flamingo (phoenicopterus roseus), bar-tailed godwit (limosa lapponica), mediterranean gull (larus melanocephalus), cormorant (phalacrocorax carbo), little egret (egretta garzetta), grey heron (ardea cinerea), white stork (ciconia ciconia), among others.

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