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FISHING TRIPS from LAGOS - SHARK Fishing 4 hrs Lagos (PM)

FISHING TRIPS from LAGOS - SHARK Fishing 4 hrs Lagos (PM)

FISHING TRIPS from LAGOS  SHARK Fishing for 4 hrs

The rich fishing grounds of the Algarve provide the sports fisherman with the opportunity to capture several species, including blue shark, mako shark and hammerhead. 
It is also possible to catch blue marlin, white marlin and some species of tuna. 
Bottom fishing provides all sorts of different species.
It is also possible sometimes, whilst fishing, to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

 Lagos Fishing is not about luck, in the right spot you will catch regional fishes and feel the adrenaline of sport fishing.

 We provide all the fishing equipment and bait. We have GPS and souder. Fishing will be done in 2 or 3 miles from the coast, and the caught fishes will be for the client. 

Excursion Informations:

There is an extra compulsory fee payment for Fishing license of 5€ per fishermen to be payed on the boat. It is compulsory to bring your Passport, ID or drivers licence.
PAYPAL & Credit card payments
All payments with PAYPAL or Credit Card (using the PAYPAL button).

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